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By booking using your HTC Account log-in, you acknowledge and agree to the HTC Account Terms of Use and HTC's Privacy Policy. Booking with this system requires that HTC share some of your personal contct information with the store you visit for a VIVE experience.


1. Box reservation system, please call the site or appointment time.

2. Please report to the counter 10 minutes before the appointment time. Those who can not arrive on time will be disqualified.

3. Experience the process if not, please inform the staff immediately, and stop the experience.

4. Because the experience of the game scene is too realistic, it is recommended that: heart disease, high blood pressure, drunk, pregnant women and physical discomfort, please inform the staff.

5. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to experience. In the experience game, it is recommended that children under 13 years old be accompanied by parents because some scenes are more realistic.

6. The venue can be photography, photography and other non-commercial use.

7. Do not bring any food (except boiling water), pets or any dangerous articles.

8. Experience the process if any equipment damage due to human factors, according to the price compensation.

9. In the event of any dispute, the Organizer reserves the right to change or modify the content and activities of the event in order to maintain order in the event.